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A fast paced , easily accessible form of Motorsport - the mainstay of asphalt racing in Townsville for many years


Solos - whatever you do , don't back off !

Circuit Racing

From Formula V open wheelers to Supercars - and everything in between !


Light the nitro - Top Fuellers to Street machines - just how fast can you travel a quarter of a mile ?

Road Racing

From Buckets to Superbikes - even Casey Stoner will want a ride in the Tropics


The Kings of Wings - No brakes , no clutch , and heaps of grunt !

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Recreational Space

A facility that will enable users to pursue recreational activity in a controlled and legal space will mitigate the impact of this activity on residential areas of the city.







Economic Benefits

The V8 Supercar event in Townsville has demonstrated that race fans are willing to travel to the region.....all of whom need somewhere to sleep , something to eat , and be entertained......







Driver Training

A Driver Training Facility for both learner drivers and advanced drivers will reap benefits for the entire community.


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Townsville Driver Education and
Motorsports Precinct Study
Preferred Location Analysis Report
May 2013




What is DECAMAG ?

DECAMAG (Driver Education Centre and Motorsport Action Group) is a community group  formed to represent the Motoring Industry & Motorsport enthusiats in North Queensland as a whole.

Our current objective is to make our local community and Council not just aware of the need for a multi purpose Motorsport complex but to act on the need for one now.

The object of the Motorsport complex is not just about the need for speed, we want a safer environment for all types of motorsports , Driver Education and motoring related events.

The complex will include provision for Driver Education which is fundamental in the formation of driving habits that will  keep our kids safe and save lives. 

Driving Schools, Fire, Ambulance & Police Departments,  all of whom play an extremely important role in road safety , will be able to access the facility in the provision of their ongoing training programs.

They've talked about this for years .......

A Motorsport complex for the region has been talked about for many years , and indeed there have been some substantial facilities created through the efforts of hardworking , focussed Clubs and volunteers , and we applaud them for their efforts .

The sheer scale of the complex envisioned by DECAMAG for the region will only be achieved by the following ; 

  • A concerted effort from a united group of enthusiasts , who's passion and experience we hope to harness in the development of the complex .

  • Support from existing Clubs and relevant authorities .

  • Appropriate lobbying of all levels of government

  • A Community education process whereby a Driver Training Facility is recognised as a fundamental requirement in our efforts to ensure our young drivers are given the best opportunity for effective training that we can provide.

  • Hospitality and associated industries developing awareness of the potential tourism associated with such a facility - imagine events attracting up to 3000 out of town     spectators, twice per month !

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